Lift & Slide Doors

AEROLIFT is one of our most popular products featuring a smooth glide and secure locks.

Lift & slide doors feature smoothe operation and enhanced sealing for better energy efficiency and weather resistance. 

Compared to regular sliding doors, lift and slide doors offer more gaskets and weather stripping – this allows for improved insulation.

AEROLIFT doors are perfect for apartments, condos, and homes with balconies or outdoor living space.


  • Freedom of design and layout with the option of up to 5 tracks.
  • Multiple locking points and options for keyed handle sets.
  • Custom hardware options to accommodate sash weights up to 880lbs.

Standard Sizing (per panel)

3300mm Requires additional hardware

Lift & Slide Energy Performance 

All of AEROFRAME lift and slide doors are tested to the North American NFRC and NAFS standards. Available in double or triple glazing, our lift and slide doors are approved for all climate zones in the United States and Canada.

CW – PG 45

Primary Designator

2160 Pa (45 psf)

Positive Design Pressure

-2160 Pa (-45 psf)

Negative Design Pressure

330 Pa (6.75 psf) 

Water Penetration Resistance Pressure

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