Folding Doors

AEROFOLD doors are a popular choice for any property, adding a sense of luxury as you connect your indoor and outdoor space.

Folding doors (or also known as bifold patio doors or accordion glass doors) are made up of three or more panels that are connected with hinges to fold open and closed. They are a luxurious statement piece – perfect for apartments, condos, and homes with balconies or outdoor living space.


Folding Door Features

  • Dual and triple glaze available.
  • 90% Argon glass
  • Smooth glide perfect for operating with a single-hand.

Standard Sizing (per panel)


FAQ: When is folding doors preferred to sliding doors?
Choosing between folding doors and sliding doors depends on various factors such as space availability, design preferences, and functionality requirements. Folding doors are ideal for spaces where a wide opening is desired, creating a large opening when fully opened and stacking neatly to the side. Sliding doors, on the other hand, are suitable for spaces with ample width but limited depth for door swing.

Folding Door Performance 

All of AEROFRAME folding doors are tested to the North American NFRC and NAFS standards. Available in double or triple glazing, our folding doors are approved for all climate zones in the United States and Canada. 

SP – PG 35

Primary Designator

1680 Pa (45 psf)

Positive Design Pressure

-1680 Pa (-45 psf)

Negative Design Pressure

330 Pa (6.75 psf)

Water Penetration Resistance Pressure

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