Curtain Walls

AEROWALL curtain walls are commonly paired with sliding doors to get seamless views while allowing for air ventilation.

A curtain wall in a non-structural outer wall covering. However, curtain wall profiles can also be used in standard openings to provide a clean architectural finish to your home. They also allow for large expanses of glass, offering ample natural light and unobstructed views, while also contributing to the overall energy efficiency and environmental control of your home. AEROWALL’s high efficiency glazing options will ensure your home is comfortable 365 days a year.

Curtain Wall Performance 

All AEROFRAME products are tested to the North American NFRC and NAFS standards. Available in double or triple glazing, our windows and doors are approved for all climate zones in the United States and Canada.

Our most efficient glass type:

5-1/8″ Frame 6mmT SN68 x 90% Argon x 6mmT SN68 x 90% Argon x 6mmT IS20







CW – PG 50

Primary Designator 

3360Pa (70 psf)

Positive Design Pressure

-2400 Pa (-50 psf)

Negative Design Pressure

720 Pa (15.0 psf)

Water Penetration Resistance Pressure

Frequently Asked Question

What maintenance is required for curtain walls?

Regular maintenance for curtain walls includes cleaning the glass and metal components, inspecting and resealing joints and seals, and checking for any signs of damage or wear. Proper maintenance ensures longevity and performance.

Can curtain walls withstand severe weather conditions?

Yes, curtain walls are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and temperature extremes. Properly designed and installed curtain walls provide excellent weather resistance and durability.

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