As with any kind of design, home designs have evolved over the years. Instead of being dominated by heavy brick or lumber, many homeowners are now integrating glass into their designs or renovations to bring a light and airy feel into living spaces.

This can be done in various ways including larger windows, skylights and mirrors, but have you considered adding a glass door? These kinds of doors are an easy way to bring natural light into your home. Depending on their design, glass doors can also expand your home and integrate the outdoors with your indoor living spaces. But some people hesitate – usually for reasons that are easily debunked.

Myth #1: A lack of privacy

People think that more glass means less privacy. However, in today’s market, there are a number of different kinds of blinds, shades and other door treatments that can be applied based on your personal tastes.

And these treatments don’t have to be the same old Venetian blinds or regular curtains either; choices such as Roman shades, blackout curtains or solar roller shades will give you different looks, moderate the amount of light, and various levels of privacy. Another solution to consider is frosting the glass in order to bring in light but provide a greater level of privacy on a 24/7 basis.

Myth #2: Security

Glass doesn’t mean burglars will think your home is an easy target. There are many glass doors options are made of durable glass that prevent breakage from wear and tear, as well as from someone trying to purposely damage your door.

Choosing to use tempered glass, which is a kind of safety glass, is a good option. It’s specially treated to increase its strength and safety. In the event that the glass does break, it would crumble into small chunks rather than jagged shards. It’s safe enough that it’s commonly used in passenger vehicle windows, refrigerator trays and is even a component of bulletproof glass.

Double-laminated glass will also be stronger than regular glass. Also considered to be a type of safety glass, this kind of glass is made by placing a liner of vinyl sandwiched between the layers of glass. If broken, it will remain in place and crack in a spider web pattern, instead of falling to the ground. It also can have the added benefit of increasing sound insulation and blocking UV rays.

Myth #3: Leaks, Drafts and Energy Loss

Glass doors that are dual- or triple-glazed will keep your home’s temperature stable. Weather-protected glass doors that feature tight seals will also prevent drafts and stop water from leaking into your home.

Many companies’ products, such as AeroFrame’s folding glass doors, will either meet or exceed stringent energy efficiency requirements, making glass doors an environmentally-friendly and stylish choice.

Myth #4: Frames on Glass Doors Are Bulky and Intrusive

Glass doors don’t only work in large spaces. Modern folding, lift and sliding doors take up little space while maximizing your view of the outdoors. Sliding doors are perfect for small spaces, while folding doors can be folded out of the way to provide unobstructed access to the outdoors. Frames are often designed to keep as small a profile as possible, and a good supplier will have options available that meet your needs.

Myth #5: Glass Doors Don’t Fit My Design Aesthetic

Whether you prefer a traditional design or a contemporary, sleek look, glass doors can help enhance your design. Hardware options, color and design of the frame will also affect the look of your door and ensure it fits with the rest of your home’s aesthetic. Remember to think of the effect the door will have on both the inside and outside of your home.

Working with a designer or architect to plan what kind of glass doors should be purchased, as well as where they could be installed, will ensure any doors you put into your home will fit with your design and lifestyle.

Myth #6: Glass Won’t Last as Long as Other Kinds of Doors

Following your manufacturer’s maintenance instructions is key to keep glass doors functioning properly and extending their life. Some tips to extend the life of your doors include:

  • Keep them clean. Dirty door tracks can affect how smoothly your door opens and closes, and regular simple cleaning with the occasional deep clean will help prevent sticking.
  • Lubricate the tracks of sliding doors to improve the glide of the door.
  • Regularly check the door’s rollers, latches and any hinges for damage.
  • Realign the doors in the track, as misaligned doors may damage the door and/or the track.
  • Check your door’s seals for damage, to prevent drafts and leaks, and fix any problems as soon as you notice them.

Manufacturers will also have various warranty programs against defects of their products, and consumers should become familiar with the details of their warranties in case of problems with their doors.

Myth #7: Glass Doors Are Heavy

Quality glass doors will have engineered mechanisms that make opening them smooth and easy. High-performance hardware such as rollers and hinges will bear the weight of the glass and make operating them simple.

For instance, AeroFrame slide doors are much easier and smoother than a traditional sliding door because the hardware lifts the door panel up when being opened or closed, reducing any impedance by the weatherstrip. This allows very large door panels to work much easier no matter how large a space you are covering, giving you more design options.

Myth #8: Glass Doors Are Expensive

The prices of glass doors can vary extensively. Some factors that can affect the total cost include:

  • Type of glass door (ex. sliding doors, French doors, bi-folding doors, etc.)
  • Size of the door
  • Quality of the glass and any additional features, such as energy efficiency
  • Color, material and quality of the frame
  • Installation by a certified technician
  • Difficulty of installation in your chosen location

Some design preferences will be more affordable than others. You may want to set a budget and base your choices completely on cost factors, or you may decide that having exactly what you want is more important.

Glass Doors Are a Great Choice

If your home has views that you want to take advantage of, if you want to increase your living space and if you want to increase the amount of light in your home, a glass door may be the ideal choice for you. Consult with your architects and designers, and ask plenty of questions of the manufacturers you are considering.

We would love to show you our range of products and work with you to achieve your architectural vision. Click here to contact us today: Don’t let myths and misconceptions scare you away from getting the home of your dreams.